About Our Founder
“Boaz Femson”

Celebrating 14 Years of Excellence in Online Locksmith Courses

Although Locksmith Courses’ eminence today is the result of years of consistent team efforts, the driving force behind the company is the immensely talented, experienced and entrepreneurial locksmith, Boaz Femson. Any profile of Locksmith Courses is incomplete without delving into the enterprising journey of our founder.

A measure of Femson’s entrepreneurial instincts can be gauged from the fact that he started his first locksmith venture ‘Boaz Femson Keys & Locks’ way back in 1986 in Jerusalem, Israel. He made his mark in the world of innovative locksmithing by introducing transponder keys with corresponding chips for cars in 1995, becoming the first locksmith to do so. A year later, Femson designed his own locksmith course and started offering the same from a bespoke classroom/workshop he set up in his locksmith store in Jerusalem.

2007 was the turning point in Femson’s life as an entrepreneur as he launched what was then the world’s first e-Learning site for locksmithing courses. 2010 saw his elevation to the chairmanship of the premier world body for professional locksmiths, the International Locksmiths Association (ILA)1.

In recognition of his innovations and overall leadership in the locksmithing space, Femson was awarded the World Quality Commitment Award from the BID, aka Business Initiative Directions, in 2011. It was also the year when he invented and patented the smart remote for car transponder keys.

One of the highlights of Femson’s lifelong pursuit of innovative locksmithing occurred in 2014 when he invented and patented the Femson Cylinder Lock. Equipped with state of the art engineering and a genius design, the Femson cylinder lock proved to increase burglar break-in times by at least 6000%. In simple terms, time needed for breaking through the lock’s defenses was 60 times of what was needed for normal locks. The clincher, the Femson Cylinder Lock cost no more than regular cylinder locks.

The same year also saw Femson inventing and patenting yet another path-breaking product. A key cloning kit that cost a fraction of similar machines and produced a new or cloned key within a few seconds. The product was a massive hit and continues to be the first choice of those taking baby steps into the world of locksmithing. Alongside, he launched the first Arabic language e-Learning site for locksmiths and in 2015, opened his 2nd locksmith store and learning center in Tel-Aviv, Israel.

As of 2017, Boaz Femson’s visionary move to deliver online locksmith courses turned a decade old. The year also saw an important step in ensuring a more seamless delivery of courses with the establishment of Locksmith Courses’ New York office. On the anvil are a thoroughly redesigned website with updated courses, a brand new LMS (Learning Management System) and the opening of a 3rd learning center in Jerusalem, Israel

1. ILA – The International Locksmiths Association is an umbrella organization of American and European educators as well as renowned locksmiths. The ILA is a source of continuous practical and technical updates for locksmiths around the world. Locksmith Courses builds on ILA’s mission and offers courses featuring the most innovative and interactive methodologies covering more than 30 categories of various locksmith products.