Mission Statement

Celebrating 14 Years of Excellence in Online Locksmith Courses

Our mission is to ensure our students have the best chance possible to be successful, as well as to make a positive impact on the communities in which we serve.

Locksmith Courses was founded to help aspiring locksmiths and entrepreneurs find their business purpose with fine-tuned training, direction and support through unmatched online professional courses.

Our mission is to ensure our students have the best chance possible to be successful, as well as to make a positive impact on the communities in which we serve. It’s our goal for every student graduate to start their own business or reach a level of employment that they are satisfied with; all backed by support that gives them a competitive edge.

Above all, we aim to be the online community where students, graduates, alumni and locksmiths can go for training, jobs, advice, and support. More importantly, where everyone can exchange knowledge and ideas to become a better locksmith.

Our locksmith courses are supported by more than 30 years of hands-on experience, teaching philosophies, and diverse technologies—all backed by standards set by the International Locksmiths Association (ILA).

It’s through our vast network of leading American and European experts that we’ve developed a course so practical and influential that it has become the staple of what locksmithing is today all over the world.

It’s our ability to train beginners on tools, machines, and locksmith system practices across residential and commercial spaces that have helped people find their calling; but it’s our sustainment and business focus that have truly set us apart from all other schools available.

By leveraging the latest techniques, strategies, and training, and reinforcing this education with cutting-edge technologies, we’ve been able to train locksmiths to be more skilled, more business focused, and overall more successful.

Unlike other schools that treat prospective and current students as numbers on a spreadsheet, our expert teachers are dedicated to each person’s availability, personal goals, and future aspirations. It’s this unique approach that has made us experts in more than 30 categories of locksmithing and why we’re consistently ranked the best online school in the world.

From a fully independent study course based on your learning speed, and easy-to-follow lesson plans, to consistently accurate methodologies, our team can have you trained and ready to take on nearly any job in just 60 hours of training time.

Being a locksmith is about more than just establishing a career; it’s launching a much-needed trade skill that can totally change your life and the lives of those around you. When you need professional support to become the best locksmith in your area, choose Locksmith Courses and get the training, advice, and long-term support you need to reach your goals.

Whether you make it a part-time job or you’re ready to make it a career, we’re ready and able to put your financial future in your hands so you can finally smash through the entrepreneurial ceiling and have the freedom to work and live how you choose.

Join us today by signing up for our online course and we’ll guarantee that we’ll provide you with all the knowledge, skills, tools and continued support that you need to reach unimaginable heights. Become a locksmith today and get the best training possible; sign up for Locksmith Courses now!