We are unique as a global online school
in that we are the first and only
e-learning organization founded by Locksmiths
with an unequivocal focus solely on Locksmith education

Celebrating 14 Years of Excellence in Online Locksmith Courses

Why Locksmith Courses?

When we started our first online locksmith training course in 2007, the world had never seen anything like it because it had never been done before.

Nobody had ever thought to put together a training program that taught you how to be a professional locksmith without having to shadow a master for days on end, because people thought it was too daunting to teach people the intricacies of what we do each day.

Locksmith Courses was not founded by those people.

We knew that we could create an easy-to-follow program that taught people not only how to be efficient at locksmithing, but showed how to build and sustain a business and customer base.

That’s because we’d spent the 20 years prior gaining the talent, education and firsthand training experience needed to build a sustainable course people everywhere would love. Needless to say, that was more than a decade ago and today we’re stronger than ever before.

Setting the Worldwide Locksmithing Standard

Locksmith Courses is far better than your standard locksmith training course because we’re backed by real-world, real-time experience. In fact, we have spent more than 30 years as master locksmiths running brick-and-mortar businesses, with the last 10 of that establishing the first and oldest online locksmith course in the world.

Be it our course curriculum, training tools, or supplemental education and entrepreneurial business focus, our locksmiths teach students the things they need to know based on qualitative data.

Here are just a few reasons why our training is not just superior, but truly sets itself apart from every other copycat program on the market today:

  1. Unrivaled Education and Curriculum
    We’ve spent the last decade fine-tuning our step-by-step online training program, with each iteration mirroring today’s most vital locksmith industry standards and student needs. While other organizations scramble to understand the finer details of our business, you’ll know every in and out before you ever get your first call.
  2. Expansive Language Support
    We’re considered a world-wide online training course not because it’s online and anyone can access it; we also offer easy-to-follow courses in a wide range of languages, including English, Spanish, Arabic, and Hebrew. We’re even adding French and German soon.
  3. Training and Sustainable Business Practices
    Locksmith Courses isn’t a program where you’ll learn the tricks of the trade and then just get shuffled off to figure it out yourself. In fact, we teach students and other locksmiths how to create a client list, build and market your business, establish a sustainable work flow, and even make your business profitable.
  4. We Believe in Job Placement
    With most organizations, once they share their training program they’ll wish you the best along your way. We take it five steps further. Along with proper education and skill training, we provide job placement and entrepreneurial startup services to assist students with setting up their locksmith companies.
  5. We Know that Affordability Matters
    Long before you can become a successful locksmith, you need the training; but you can’t get training if you can’t afford it. That’s why we offer our complete package with sustainable support and direction that is at a fraction of the cost of our competitors. You’ll never be successful if you have to dig out of a pile of debt before your first emergency call.
  6. Continued Support for All Students
    A major factor that sets us apart is that when you graduate from our program, you aren’t sent in the world on hopes and dreams. We’ll always be there to provide our graduates with ongoing support, education on new technologies and lock systems, in-depth knowledge on legal and regulatory issues, and other topics that impact their business.
  7. Real-World Flexibility
    Being an online course, we give our students the opportunity to learn and grow at a pace that suits their needs. Our flexible courses can be a combination of online and classroom learning with practical demonstrations that actual matter to what they do. We also routinely offer apprenticeship spots for those who are ready to put in the extra effort!