Busting Locksmithing Myths

Busting Locksmithing Myths

There is a lot of mystery and clandestine drama surrounding locksmiths, and hence our customers can perhaps be forgiven for nursing certain myths about our profession. While these can sometimes be amusing to notice, the lack of knowledge about the various services performed by locksmiths and other aspects can be plain frustrating. Intrigued about the common myths associated with locksmiths? Read on as debunk some of them:

Myth #1 Locksmiths are just for replacing lost keys

While key cutting and emergency services are the jobs performed by locksmiths more frequently, this is by no means all they do! Depending upon their certification courses and credentials, professional locksmiths can offer a wide array of services for residential and commercial purposes, not to mention your cars and safes.

Locksmiths can review your current security arrangements and suggest essential changes, like upgrading all door locks, add locks to windows etc. They can also review the security details of your business premises, carry out access control system installations, enabling you to control and review which of your staff members access which areas and when.

Myth #2 All locksmiths are the same

Just like there are different kinds of doctors with varying specializations and years of experience, locksmiths who excel in different arenas with varying interests are present out there. While some locksmiths choose to specialize in residential locks, bolts, doors etc., others focus on commercial security systems like RFID tagging, biosecurity etc. No two locksmiths can be entirely the same – even with same specializations, their skill levels and flair could vary greatly. It is important to study the credentials, qualifications and interests of a locksmith before briefing him or her into your requirements.

Myth #3 Emergency locksmiths are ridiculously expensive

Locksmiths understand that it is not your natural inclination to lock yourself out of your home or car. Although they do charge higher rates than their nominal charges for rushing to get you out of an emergency quickly, these rates are not sky-high as is expected of them. When stuck in an emergency, look for a locksmith who offers services 24/7 so that you do not have to pay through the nose for getting back into your house. Calling a locksmith based in a nearby area could get you a real bargain too, since extensive traveling was not a part of the job.

Myth #4 All locksmiths are certified professionals

The advent of internet has made it easier for individuals posing as locksmiths to forge their credentials and present impressive websites. However, never allow a slick-looking website to fool you. It is wise to check credentials, qualifications and certificates of a locksmith that you hire for a job, especially so if it requires you to brief them on your security arrangements and details.

Myth #5 Locksmiths have master keys

That thing your friends told you about all locksmiths having access to a master key that can open any door in the city – they were either exaggerating or ignorant. There is no such thing as a master key that can fit all locks and open them all. Certain locks do allow access with a master key that has been made uniquely and exclusively for them, but that’s about it!

Harry Houdini Locksmith

Harry Houdini
1874 - 1926

Many think of Harry Houdini as the famous magician, but there is no argument that Harry Houdini was also a master locksmith.

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