Why Locksmith Courses?

Celebrating 14 Years of Excellence in Online Locksmith Courses

Your Success is Our Success

How exactly do we define success at Locksmith Courses?

It’s quite simple actually. Our success is all about your success. Our job does not end with teaching you the financially rewarding skill of locksmithing. In fact, that is just the starting point. We consider our job done when you, dear student, have finally mastered the skill and gained the sort of confidence that will enable you to set up your own business, work for large security corporations, get employment in a field of your choice or work as a freelance locksmith and in the process, earn money by the truckloads!

We believe a locksmith career offers a great opportunity for you to make a lot of money. The median income for a locksmith in the United States is just over $50,000 a year. Even on the lower side, a trained locksmith earns no less than $42,400 a year. And these are just median and average figures. If you are a smart and skilled locksmith and know the value of your work, you can rake in much much more. You can earn $12,000 per month or even $20,000 per month. And if you venture to set up your very own locksmith business and subsequently work hard to make it a success, you are looking at an income that can be upward of $90,000 every month.

Most of our past students have found a highly remunerative career waiting for them upon graduation. They found work with security companies or chose to advise them as consultants, got jobs with schools, hospitals and other public establishments in their respective cities, started their own businesses, worked as freelance locksmiths and some even chose a role in teaching locksmithing to a new generation of eager students. The opportunities, you see, are truly limitless.

Add to that our focus toward helping ex-students continually update their locksmithing skills, and you have a win-win situation all around. At Locksmith Courses, apart from frequently updating the curricula taught to students, we have a team dedicated to creating special modules and lessons that are aimed at those who want to stay relevant in the highly competitive and fast-changing world of locksmithing. Our only motivation in doing so is to ensure our ex-students retain their high earning potential for many years to come.

Why is your success as a professional locksmith so important to us?

Because that is the benchmark we set ourselves.

You come to us with the hope of learning a new trade. Something that will help augment your income a great deal. Something that will help you live the life that you always wanted for yourself and your loved ones. At the heart of it all is making money and improving your lifestyle. There are no two ways about it!

At Locksmith Courses, you are taught a skill. Unless you reap the monetary rewards of learning this new skill, we consider our task incomplete. As such, we measure success not by the bottom-line of our balance sheet, but by that of our students’ and graduates’.