The Entry Time Test

The Entry Time Test

Lock entry time tests are conducted by locksmiths in order to establish the entry time for different cylinders. This data helps locksmiths immensely when they are called for rekeying/ changing of locks etc., since the time required to complete the job can be easily calculated on the basis of entry time for the lock. As a locksmith, you will be able to open locks without much damage.

The Entry Time Test data also helps locksmiths offer knowledgeable insights to their clients during security detail is being planned or locks are being installed. It cannot be denied that most burglaries happen via forced entry through the doorway, and a sturdy lock recommended by a trustworthy locksmith definitely reduces the chances of a burglary. Your advice will prevent them from buying locks which hardly offer any security and could be compromised with ease.

Locks can be compromised by bumping, raking or picking, but the most reliable entry time test is by drilling the cylinder of the lock, as it tests the true worth of a lock. Some locks, marketed by parent companies as the most trustworthy and tamper-proof locks, fail the time entry test based on drilling, simply because the material they use was not drill-proof at all! As a locksmith, your customers would trust your inputs and suggestions regarding the most tamper-proof and sturdy locks, and you will be able to offer research-backed opinions with the help of the Entry Time Test data.

Locksmiths can enquire about the make and model of lock when customers call them to request lock bumping or changing services using our Entry Time Test, to be able to calculate the estimated entry time and decide whether to take the job and determine estimated charges accordingly. In this way, locksmiths will not need to revise their charges as per the actual time taken, and there would be fewer disputes regarding the fees.

Our Entry Time Test was done using different drills recommended by professional locksmiths, comparing the drill time and time taken for entry for each of these drill types. We found that Alpen’s new drill bit brought down the entry time significantly, drilling even the toughest rosettes in front of the cylinders in the reinforced locks at a faster pace. Locksmiths should include the time required to remove rosettes in front of the cylinder into the total time required for the entry.

It is important to note that the drilling was performed on a vise, using extremely powerful and high quality drills.

The Entry Time Test results are tabulated below:

Type of CylinderEntry Time (until cylinder opened) (minutes)
Magnum cylinder with dimple key1.12
Magnum 16-pin cylinder3.37
Yardeni dimple cylinder1.48
Linca hole cylinder2.36
Classic Mul-T-Lock cylinder3.36
Mult-T-Lock Superlock cylinder profile 082.58
Mutl-T-Lock interactive cylinder2.49
7x7 cylinder0.46
Alba dimple cylinder0.54
Thick anti-drill rosette2.19
Harry Houdini Locksmith

Harry Houdini
1874 - 1926

Many think of Harry Houdini as the famous magician, but there is no argument that Harry Houdini was also a master locksmith.

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