Locksmith? You can save lives!

Locksmith? You can save lives!

Did you know that there is more than just bumping locks and making duplicate keys to being a professional locksmith? Ever imagined your life as a locksmith could be heroic?

It is true – locksmiths can save lives and perform rescues in unprecedented situations. Certain lock-mishaps can deem the locksmiths as beyond merely ‘useful’, as the stakes are too high and a lot depends on how fast the locksmith can reach a decision and get to work. If you still don’t find that convincing, read on to know how you as a locksmith can save lives:

Emergency rescues

As a locksmith, your services will be requested numerous times in perilous situations where, for example, a child is locked in a car with the heater on full blast, a pet is trapped inside a locked room, or people are stuck in a dangerous situation like flood or storm inside a locked property. Your presence is likely to be requested by emergency services in such dire situations. Not only will you be compelled to rush to the emergency spot, you will also need to make some smart split-second decisions in such a scenario, as losing valuable time might not be an option there. What is more, you will also need to contemplate the best entry point in a clear-headed and calm manner in the face of complete chaos, because one minor mistake might cause a major setback, and lives could be at risk.

Many times, senior citizens are trapped in their homes due to illness or a medical emergency, and are unable to open doors for their family members or caretakers. Locksmiths are often the first to receive calls from distressed family members in such instances.

A lot rests on your shoulders in emergency cases - locksmiths are required to face such unforeseen situations with a clear head and calm disposition and act quickly at the same time. Apart from this, you might also be called by a hyperventilating and overly distressed customer caught in an emergency, and you will need to calm them down by asking a logical series of questions, so that they can explain the situation to you in a clearer manner.

For example, asking a worried mother, who has accidentally locked her baby in the car, the right questions regarding the condition and facial expressions of the baby, medical help required, if any, make and model of the car, etc. - will help you contemplate if you would need to hammer the windshield to get the baby out first, or whether you can proceed with a quick and efficient car entry, even before you arrive at the spot.

Lost keys

While several people mistakenly assume that locksmiths chill out in an air-conditioned office and listen to music while making duplicate key in case of lost or damaged keys, they could not be further wrong! Unfortunately, most instances of lost keys involve potentially dangerous situations like a trapped baby or pet behind a door or a gas line left on by mistake, and requires a lot of precision and timely rekeying on behalf of the locksmith for resolving the problem.

Locksmiths are heroes too, in their own right!

Harry Houdini Locksmith

Harry Houdini
1874 - 1926

Many think of Harry Houdini as the famous magician, but there is no argument that Harry Houdini was also a master locksmith.

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