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10 Secrets A Locksmith Should Share with Their Customers

We’re feeling generous, and pointing out a few secrets that you as locksmiths should share with your customers, so that you gain their trust and prevent their homes from being vulnerable to burglaries:

  1. Cheaper, mass-manufactured locks are the easiest to tamper with. Avoid low-standard, inexpensive locks at any cost.
  2. Contractors often mess up lock and deadbolt installations, compelling customers to hire locksmiths for replacing the locks or perform rekeying all over again. It is advisable to employ a certified locksmith for all the lock installations in the first place.
  3. A deadbolt can offer easiest access to burglars, if not installed properly. Specifications like a minimum of one-inch throw, a security plate on the strike side with screws at least 3 inches long that go all the way into the door’s frame, and a drill-proof lock are mandatory to adhere to, unless you like inviting a thief in.
  4. Buying a new house? You are advised to get the locks replaced or have the existing locks rekeyed by a reputed locksmith on a priority basis, unless you want to entertain the idea of a master key that has easy access to your doors, somewhere out there.
  5. That locked antique-looking safe you bought for the house from a flea market or vintage sale could be a great addition to the decor, but most likely contains nothing more than rat droppings. Also, it will cost you a small fortune to get it opened!
  6. Locksmiths are required to check and affirm a customer’s ID before they set out on the job of rekeying or lock replacement. Except when the customer’s IDs are locked inside the car they are locked out of, where they are supposed to go in with blind faith.
  7. Customers should display a sign that says a property is secured with an alarm system. Although not entirely foolproof, a sign like that can keep burglars away.
  8. Windows are a liability – Special security measures need to be taken if you cannot do without a window right beside the door. A double cylinder lock is advisable instead of a thumb-turn deadbolt on the door in this case, as the latter can be opened easily from inside by an intruder, if they break the window glass.
  9. Approaching a car dealer for duplicating your car key in case of a lock out will cost you several times more than what a locksmith with specialization in automotive locks will. Choose the latter to save costs as well as time.
  10. If you took the pain to install a state-of-art alarm system to safeguard your home, turn it on every time you leave home, even if you are leaving for a quick errand. You will not believe how many homes have been burglarized right when the owners conveniently forgot to turn the alarm on, or worse, assumed they would be out just for a short period of time.