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The Biggest Risk for The Newly Self-Employed

Allow us to spell out the biggest setback you will ever face once you have finished your locksmith training and apprenticeship and are finally ready to start your own locksmith business – fear. The fear of being out there on your own and not having someone to pass instructions, give orders and set job deadlines and of failing can be over-powering, and may prevent you from getting out there to exploit your full potential as a self-employed locksmith.

How does fear work

While fear is an instinct-led emotion that is felt by humans as well as animals, the forms of manifestation of the same are different for every individual, and that is the key to understanding the cause and resolving to overcome fear. Meant to act as a survival mechanism to alert us when we are in danger and prepare our body for the same, fear often ends up swooping in and paralyzing us at the wrong times.

When triggered, fear causes a rush of adrenaline, preparing the entire body for a possible undertaking of a strenuous activity. Copious amounts of blood flow through the muscles, resulting in a rapid heart rate to facilitate oxygen to the brain quickly. Remember how you could hear your heart thudding inside your chest and your entire body becoming alert whenever you faced your annoying class bully, back in school? Or how your stomach tightened into a ball and pulses quickened in anticipation of an unpleasant exchange with your least favorite employer? All these responses are created by anticipation of a single emotion, namely fear.

What do you fear?

  • Fear of not making sufficient money – You have resolved to leave behind the dreadful workhours and lousy paycheck that your previous jobs used to fetch you, and yet when it is finally the right time to unleash your potential out there as a trained locksmith, you are scared that you might not even make as much as the previous job. This is a somewhat natural reaction, but the key lies in not letting the fear win. If you use all the right advertising channels for your locksmith business, employ internet and Google AdWords to promote your business online and traditional marketing methods like flyer distribution, work offers and revenues will definitely start pouring in. If you offer 24/7 services, have offices throughout the city and have a wide range of specializations, sky is the limit in terms of earning potential.
  • Fear that managing a locksmith business might be too much to handle – You have quit your previous worthless job, gone ahead for training and become a certified locksmith. However, when time is ripe for getting out there on your own and do what you love doing, you have cold feet. The only way to face this fear is by taking slow and steady steps in the new direction – in the form of small rekeying/ emergency rescue jobs and start eyeing the bigger contracts as your confidence grows.
  • Fear of competition – Fearing that your competitors will excel you in terms of lucrative job offers and revenues owing to their prior presence and wider reach is a common experience, but do not let the fear hold you back. Do a quick SWOT analysis and figure out what your strengths are and ways to differentiate your services from the competitors. For example, your competitors might not be offering 24/7 emergency rekeying or rescue service, which can give you an edge over them.
  • Fear of having no customers – Honestly, you will never know until you try. Take advice only from those with constructive criticism, ask around for genuine feedback and grow your offerings as per the needs and responses of your test market crowd.
  • Fear that your business will fail – Fear of failure could well be the biggest barrier standing between you and the success you truly deserve and can achieve. You might fear disappointing your family members and friends if you fail. However, you can build a support network that can help you get back on your feet in case you ever slip. Look at your business as a stepping stone towards something great and get going.

Getting past the fears

Self-employment can seem to be a scary progression indeed, especially in the beginning – what started as a zealous effort to transform your life could leave you scared and confused. However, remember that you have the potential to achieve success, and to get there you will need to overcome the above-mentioned fears and take the first few steps towards your goal. “Don’t let the fear of striking out hold you back.”, in the words of Babe Ruth!

Think about the tradeoffs – you will finally be free from the misgivings and worries of the previous job that made you feel miserable at best. As a trained locksmith, you will be free to explore your true potential and give a free rein to your passion. Although you will have to accept responsibility for several actions that your employer previously used to perform, you will be free to follow your dream, work as much as you want and not bear through with a mandatory financial cap. As a self-employed locksmith you will be free to earn from as many opportunities as you wish to take up. What is more, you will have the chance to dictate your own terms for work and structure a work-life balance too!

It is essential to remember that these fears are in your head alone, and become only as prominent as you allow to let them. Just get back to the basics – remember that locksmithing is profession in which there are no ups and downs. Recession, economic downturn or a tumbling job market do not affect locksmithing as a profession and trade. Job offers never stop pouring in, since getting locked up accidentally or losing keys is as universal a problem as common cold or boredom!