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Tips for A Successful Locksmith Business

In our years of experience with hundreds of individuals training to be locksmiths or taking up advanced locksmith certification, we have often been asked for tips to run a successful locksmith business. Lately, we’ve been receiving lots of emails asking us to share a few important marketing fundamentals as well, and hence we decided to share some of these with you in this article.

Before we get started on the tips, we wish to throw some light on how locksmithing is a unique niche and what makes it special. Locksmiths are never out of demand – thousands of people keep getting locked out of their homes and cars every single day, and - but of course - locksmiths have to rush to the spot to get them back in, as time is a precious resource and nobody has a lot of it to spare in this fast-paced era. With growing security concerns and advanced burglaries, the onus of protecting their clients’ valuables and assets falls upon locksmiths and they are required deliver high-security, fool-proof security solutions all the time.

Thus, with a profession which has no dips even during recession or troubled economy, here is how you succeed and never look back:

  • Being consistent in terms of quality of service offered and prices charged. Word gets around quicker than you ever expected, especially thanks to the ubiquitous internet, and if you charge people differently for the same services based on bias, you will be in severe danger of being ostracized even by your most loyal customers.
  • Being honest and transparent in terms of your credentials, associations and other details. Locksmiths are extensively trusted by clients and their opinions are held as genuine and sincere. If you are affiliated with a certain company and promote its locks and security mechanisms, state so openly. Clients can sense deceit if you are not entirely honest with them, and can spread word around about the same with other potential clients. Also, stating your address, contact details, email Id etc. in the invoice conveys trustworthiness to the customers.
  • Being on time is a trait that is hugely appreciated by customers, especially when they have been locked out of their homes or a baby is trapped by mistake in a locked-out car. If you think you are likely to get delayed, informing the customer about the same will make a very good impression upon them, and they will value your frankness. Punctuality is an essential trait to cultivate if you wish to build a successful business.
  • Being well-prepared and ready for the job you’ve agreed to perform is another key trait customers appreciate. If you arrive at an emergency rescue scene without the right tools to pick or bump the lock, you will end up wasting time – both yours and the customer’s – and they will definitely not appreciate your absentmindedness in such a situation.
  • Being available during the time you’ve stated as work-hours in your ads and website is very important. Never advertise a 24/7 availability if you intend to call it a day at 10.30 in the night. It is essential to maintain standard work hours that you have defined on a public platform.

Always remember, great customer service is the first and most crucial prerequisite to a successful locksmith business.